Traffic Signal Systems

Infratech installs the latest technology in Traffic Signal systems. These installations require more than slight control and coordination to ensure that traffic and pedestrians move as smoothly, and safely as possible.

Infratech specialises in the installation, management and maintenance of sophisticated computerised control and coordination systems that self-adjust to minimise delay to all junction users.

  • ELV signal systems
  • MOVA Systems
  • Bus Priority using RTEM’s latest technology
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Pedestrian Countdown Units
  • Push Button units for the Visually Impaired
Eden Quay Dublin

Today’s growing infrastructure continues to place high demands on budgets and technology. In addition to supporting the management of congestion and the need for effective journey time reliability, meeting environmental targets remains a core requirement. Getting the most out of traffic control equipment has become imperative and being able to do this whilst catering for the complexities of modern junctions is challenging.