Dual Flash Sign

Solagen’s Dual Flash Products employ highly visible, dual amber flashing puks and are ideal for use in and around school zones. The Dual Flash IQ Evolution combines Solagen’s solar technology and a programmable timer activation system, enabling customised hours of operation; This unit has a run time of up to 180 minutes per day, and can be programmed up to three years in advance.

The Dual Flash is a cost-effective measure to reinforce school safety

Dual Flash IQ Evolution Features
• Quick and easy to install
• Ultra slim design
• Can be programmed for up to 6 different activation times per day
• Customisable hours of operation
• Concealed anti-vandal fittings
• Anti-twist bracket and solar panel mounts
• Tamper proof in-post cabling
• Adaption kits available to suit various posts
• Highways Agency Type Approved
• 5-year parts and labour warranty as standard with 10-year option

School Sign